Membership is open to women residing in the Bakersfield, CA area, with husbands in, or retired from the petroleum industry.

Our membership runs annually from Sept 1st to Aug 31st . Any Bakersfield-area woman over the age of 18 is welcome to join at any time. Membership dues are $45/year.

Upon joining, members will receive emails , a monthly newsletter , and timely updates on our website to ensure all members are up to date on all our activities.  Such as monthly Lunch Bunch , Movies & Munchies , Buncos , Couple Events and volunteer opportunities . Additionally, current members may also join the private Bakersfield Petroleum Wives Club Facebook Group.

To join the organization, simply sign up here !!!

OR feel free to print the APW Membership Application . Upon completing the form, mail the membership application and $45 annual monthly dues to:

PO BOX 20153
Bakersfield , CA