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The Proposed Bylaws and Standing Rules changes as unanimously approved by the board:


The Name of the organization shall be the Association of Petroleum Wives Women (thereafter referred to as “APW”)

Purpose of change to bylaws: With a declining membership enrollment, it is hoped that this will increase the membership by including all women who work within the petroleum industry or, as before stated, a woman whose husband is employed in, retired from or deceased from the petroleum industry in Kern County.


Membership in APW shall consist of women whose husbands are employed in, retired from or deceased while employed/retired from, the petroleum industry, and who reside in the Kern County area or, any women who are working within the petroleum industry.  If, at any time, an active members husband is no longer employed in the oil industry due to layoffs, termination, ect. etc. , that member may continue her active membership by paying dues she may continue membership as long as yearly dues are paid by October 15 as defined in Article VII. If a deadline of dues elapses without payment, she is considered no longer a member of APW. 

Purpose of change to bylaws:  To include any wife whose husband is employed in the petroleum industry or any woman working in the petroleum industry in Kern County. By doing so it is hoped that the membership will increase.


Monthly events of APW will be held once a month from September August through May, with the time and place to be decided by the board.

Purpose of change to bylaws:  This change is the deleting the word September and inserting August in the first sentence only. To include August in a time that an event may be held and therefore our bylaws would reflect that an event may be held in August and our insurance would reflect the same to cover the event if held in August.


Standing Rules


In our APW Directory, the last rule in Standing Rules states:

“A Standing Rule may be adopted or suspended by a majority vote of the Executive and Standing Boards.” 


All Standing Rules will change numerical except Rule #1 to allow for the addition of two new rules.

New Rule 2:

APW reserves the right to make exceptions to the membership requirements under special circumstances with a letter of nomination by a board member and (unanimous or 80%) Board approval.  The nominee should have shown a willingness to contribute to the club through work, volunteerism and dedication to the betterment of the club.

Purpose of change to bylaws:  To let women who have repeatedly worked events and volunteered for all tasks for the betterment of the club.  Membership should not be considered a party only membership nor one where the member would contribute only monetarily.


New Rule 5:

The date for the membership drive/event should be determined no later than June and voted on by the incoming board. The event should be held no later than the first weekend after Labor Day. When deciding the location and time for the event, special consideration should be taken under advisement for the weather. From past events, a larger participation by members and guests occurs if this event is held inside.

Purpose of change to bylaws:  To ensure that the membership drive, currently named the Welcome Back, is successful. A save the date reminder should be sent by the end of June. This is the first event of the year usually held before or very close to Labor Day and held just before or just after the school year resumes which causes more families to be in town at the time of the party. As a special note, the cost of an inside venue is considerably less if an event is held before September 1st.


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